Helping you grow is our mission!


We are a 360° Consultancy °
We accompany you throughout the project


We support you in achieving your objectives, accompanied by the most appropriate strategy.


We integrate into your company to achieve your objectives and project them.

Who are we?

Our History

When you are put to the test you find ways to help yourself and others.

The most difficult year that the world economy has gone through and the human capacity to adapt to the unknown, we learn resilience to move forward and think about the future.

Perhaps this is how the best stories and true allies are born. Thus, we have joined forces with a group of professionals with extensive experience in the business sector.

On two different continents, but with the same objectives For us, in each company we do not see a client, we see our company, helping it to grow is our objective.

Thus was born Advixy, the drive to get the economy flowing through innovative strategies.

We have made our experience the perfect synergy for our clients, because we are committed.

Our Philosophy

Our synergy forms a 360º Consultancy nourishing us from both continents to make the internationalization of companies a reality.

Our goal is to help companies in their growth being one of our pillars the internationalization of companies between countries such as USA, Latin America and the Caribbean to the Canary Islands (Spain) changing the traditional rules from a more global perspective. The Canary Islands are geographically the gateway to Europe and the strategic connection of three continents (America, Africa and Europe). As well as facilitating the internationalization of Canary Islands companies to the American market, with the same philosophy.

We support companies at a multisectoral level throughout the journey to achieve their goals, with an environment of digital technology, reorganization, support with innovative ideas of their sector, we take care of the brand image, providing innovative advertising and marketing services.

We are a digital consultancy that invests time in the economic study of the company, analysis of cost strategies and risk controls, to support its growth.

Our Approach

We identify gaps and opportunities, in a comprehensive process that includes a project plan with timelines and milestones, market analysis, operational cost analysis and the best strategy to achieve that soft landing in a new market.

Business synergy has been the key to offering our client possibilities that were previously unthinkable.

The world is globalized, that is why we invite you to globalize yourself. strategy, dynamics, innovation and new technology, no sector can be left behind, it is time to modernize, and get new tools accompanied by great professionals for the change from traditional to innovative, be different from others.

We work on your brand and the structure to promote it in new markets, which will not be unknown to you, since we will always be accompanying you along the way.